Being a Life Changer  

It would be impossible for us to believe that child welfare systems alone could address the needs of youth in care. Thankfully, we have people who serve as caregivers to assist with giving our youth a brighter future. Remember, it is never too early to begin thinking about life after high school. Below are some helpful tips that could be life changer for a youth:

1 - Begin the conversation early
The best time to start talking about college is not in a youth’s senior year. Ideally, the earlier the better when it comes to post-secondary education. Starting at the age of 13 will help plant the seed of education.

2 - Exposure
Did you know that most campuses host "Visit Days” which allow you to come to campus for free and explore what the college has to offer? In addition to Visit Days, most children services have relationships with local and surrounding colleges where they take youth to campuses as well. You can contact your local children services to find dates.

3 - Finding the Right Fit
We all have heard the phrase that college isn’t for everyone. That statement would be correct, college isn’t for everyone. However, what is often missed out with that statement is that there are alternative routes to obtaining a degree or becoming certified in a trade.