If you’re a student interested in going to college, you’ve come to the right place.

Going to college is an exciting time, and deciding to further your education shows you are on the right track. Attending an institution comes with developing lifelong friends, gaining experience outside of the classroom, but most of all, furthering your education allows for you to create your own path.

Mythbuster #1- College is expensive and therefore I cannot attend. 

Although college is not free, being a former foster youth allows for you to receive additional aid (click on financial resource).

Mythbuster #2- I must know what I am going to college for.

Most college students will change their major during matriculation. One of the best things about college is having an advisor to help you plan your path. 

Mythbuster 3#- Going to college means attending a 4-year university.

Post-secondary education does not mean only attending a 4-year institution. The great thing about education is that there are many options. Those options include two-year community colleges, vocational programs, and programs where you can receive certification within a year.   

The most important thing to remember is that this is your future. Therefore, always ask questions.