Whitney Belcher- Scholar of the Month

Name- Whitney Belcher
Institution attending- Ohio University

Classification- Freshmen

Major- Social Work in International Child Welfare

What made you decide to choose the program you are in? Growing up without parents was a huge struggle and I often felt like I was by myself.

What is the best thing you have gained from college thus far? To be more social because you miss out on the best of people if you close yourself off due to past experiences.

If you could give advice to anyone who is thinking about college what would it be? My advice would be to just go for anything and everything you have the chance to do. Dont limit yourself. Even if you think it wont work out know that it will if its something you work for and strive to accomplish. Dont be afraid of the next step just because the last step was hard. Keep climbling till you get to the top the top because then you can look down and say that you made it.